Smart Wifi App Center

Once you purchase and install a Linksys SMART Wi-Fi Wireless Router in your home, then you can take advantage of our exclusive Linksys SMART Wi-Fi apps. These apps install on your mobile smartphone or tablet and allow you to enable and manage parental controls, content filtering, device monitoring, router management, view IP cameras, media prioritization, guest access, and much more. These apps also work from within your home network or remote - from anywhere you can get internet access with your smartphone or tablet. Here are just a few apps to get you started.


Linksys Smart Wi-Fi

(formerly Cisco Connect Cloud)

Easily access your Linksys SMART Wi-Fi wireless router from anywhere to manage and configure settings with this FREE App.

  • Control Smart Wi-Fi wireless router and home network from anywhere
  • Remote Access
  • Guest Access
  • Media Prioritization
  • Parental Controls
  • Connected Device List
  • Device Details - Name, MAC Address, IP Address & Connection Status
  • Router Settings & Status
  • Network Health

Put the power of smart Wi-Fi in your hands

Only Linksys lets you explore a new world of powerful Smart Wi-Fi apps to control your devices and home network.
Here are just a few to get you started.

Qnext for Facebook
Private Content Sharing

Free, through Facebook

Qnext provides a secure and private way for you to access and share music, pictures and videos with any of your Facebook friends. With it, you can:

  • Remotely create and edit the shared content list and recipients
  • Remotely remove content and sharing privileges

Play and Share Content

Free, iOS Only

Hipplay puts photos, videos, music, and other digital files are at your fingertips through your router's internal storage. Other features include:

  • Streaming your media to an AppleTV or AirPlay compliant stereo system
  • Saving files to your router or NAS remotely
  • Support for AirPlay compatible printers Advanced media sharing interface

Block The Bad Stuff
Content Control

$2.99, iOS Only

Block The Bad Stuff makes it easy to protect your connected devices from dangerous or undesired content. For ease of use, it offers 3 levels of filters:

  • Level 1: Filters threats to network security, like malware, scam, and phishing sites
  • Level 2: Filters all of the above, plus adult sites
  • Level 3: Filters all of the above, plus other non-family friendly sites (content regarding drugs, violence, gambling, etc.)


$0.99, iOS and Android

NetProofer's simple ON-OFF based controls make it simple to restrict website access. With Netproofer, you can:

  • Turn access ON-OFF in real time, at the tap of your finger
  • Configure custom lists of sites for "always allow" and "always block"
  • Block access to specific websites for specific devices on your network