Upgrading the Firmware on a WAP54G Access Point

NOTE:      The WAP54G firmware must be upgraded from a computer directly plugged into your network with an Ethernet cable and not a wirelessly connected computer.  You can either connect a straight-through Ethernet cable from the WAP54G’s LAN port to a computer’s Ethernet port (configured with a static IP address -- see  Answer ID 534 for more information), or have the WAP54G connected to a port on a network router, switch, or hub along with the computer that will be performing the upgrade (also configured with a static IP address -- see  Answer ID 534 for more information).
WARNING: Do NOT attempt to upgrade the Access Point’s firmware over a wireless connection – you will risk completely destroying the Access Point.
The firmware download from the Linksys website will come in the form of a Zip file.  You will need to use a program to unzip the package and extract its contents.  Popular software to use is WinZip®.  If you are using Windows XP, you can use its built in unzipping features.
To Identify your WAP54G Version Number:
To find out which version of the WAP54G you currently have, flip your Access Point over to look at its underside.  Near the serial number label, near the Linksys© logo, you will see your model number and a possible version.  Labels for the WAP54G version will look like one of the following:
  • WAP54G (no version means Version 1.0)
  • WAP54G ver. 1.1
  • WAP54G v. 2 
For WAP54G Version 1 and Version 1.1 Users ONLY:

(if you have a WAP54G Version 2, you may proceed with firmware download and upgrade)
NOTE:  Before upgrading the WAP54G Version 1 and Version 1.1 models to firmware version 2.07 or later, make sure your Access Point’s current firmware is version 1.09.1 beforehand.  The version 1.09.1 firmware code performs an important OS upgrade for these versions of the Access Point -- it must be loaded before using later firmware.

UPDATE: You can find the Version 1.09.1 firmware Zip file (for WAP54G v1 and v1.1 users) attached to this article.  Download it from the "File Attachments" section toward the bottom of this page.

Downloading the Firmware
  1. Go to http://support.linksys.com.
  2. Select your version of the WAP54G from the drop-down list and click on the Downloads for this Product button (version listings will resemble “WAP54G – Wireless-G Access Point v1.0,” or “WAP54G – Wireless-G Access Point v1.1,” etc.). 
  3. When the Download page opens, click on the Firmware link.
  4. When the Firmware page opens, click the link that says, “Click here to download the firmware”.
  5. Download and save the firmware Zip file to your computer.
  6. Once downloaded, unzip the firmware file using an unzipping program (mentioned above).  Make a note of the location to where the firmware files are extracted to.
Once fully extracted, you should have access to the following files (in this example, firmware version 2.07 files are shown):
The firmware file that will be used for the upgrade is the .trx file (in the image above, the LinksysWAP54G_fw2.07.trx file).  The text document that comes in the package is the firmware version release history log file, which contains a description of the new features added and any fixes that the firmware provides.
Accessing the Access Point’s Setup page:
  1. Open a web browser such as Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator.
  2. Type in WAP54G’s IP Address into the “Address” field ( is the default IP) and click GO or hit the [Enter] key.
  3. A “User Name” and “Password” prompt will appear.  Leave the “User Name” blank and input the WAP54G’s password (admin is the default password) into the “Password” field then click the OK button or hit the [Enter] key.
  4. Once in the web-based utility, click on the Help tab, and then the Firmware Upgrade button.
The Firmware Upgrade window will open.
Upgrading the Firmware
  1. Click the Browse button next to the File Path box.
  2. Navigate through your computer files and locate the .trx firmware file that was extracted from the downloaded Zip file (for example, LinksysWAP54G_fw2.07.trx).  Double-click the file.
  3. The appropriate file path leading to the .trx firmware file will automatically be entered into the File Path box when the correct file is selected.  
  4. Click the Upgrade button to begin the firmware upgrade.  The process may take a few minutes.  Be sure to not interrupt the procedure.
  5. Once the Firmware upgrade has completed successfully, close all web browser windows.

Resetting the Access Point

After the upgrade is complete and to make sure that the new firmware is properly loaded, you must reset your Access Point by holding in the Reset button located on the back of the unit for 30 seconds.  This will erase all of your Access Point’s settings.  To reconfigure any custom options that you may have set up, be sure to return to the web-based configuration utility located at (the default IP address).

After completing all steps, your Access Point’s firmware will be upgraded successfully.

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