servers and Linksys Routers servers now allow multiple connections from a NAT device, such as the Router.  There is however, a limitation of availability to open a series of ports.  You will need to set up port triggering to get this service running properly.  You must also be running the latest firmware.

To setup port triggering go to  You will be prompted for a username and password.  By default there is no username, and the password is admin.  Once you've gotten past the log in you should be at the filters tab.  Go to the Forwarding tab, then click on the Port Triggering button.  Once you've done this, a new window will appear.  Here is an example of how to fill out the ports:

Application Name



4000 ~ 4000

4000 ~ 4000

6112 ~ 6119

6112 ~ 6119

Once you've done this hit Apply, then Continue.  Once you've done this should work fine.

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