Getting to know Connect Express

Connect Express is an application for your Apple or Android device.  It allows you to manage your wireless network on your tablet or phone.

Using this application, you can:

  • Retrieve your router’s settings for Guest Access or Wi-Fi Settings.
  • Add more wireless devices to the network.  Click here to find out how.
  • Send your router’s wireless Guest network settings to your email.  To know more click here. If you have an Android tablet, click here.  If you have an Android smartphone, click here.
  • Check for firmware updates.  To learn how, click here.


Minimum System Requirements

  • Connect Express is compatible with iPhone®, iPad® and iPod®.  Requires iOS 4.2 or later.
  • Connect Express is compatible with Android 2.2.1 or greater.
  • This product is only compatible with Linksys E-series, X-series, EA-series or Valet routers.  To view the full list of supported routers, click here.
  • An active Wi-Fi connection.

NOTE:  To learn how to download and install Connect Express for your Apple device, click here.  For your Android device, click here.

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