Setting up Guest Access on your iPhone® using Connect Express

Guest Access is a feature of a Linksys wireless-N router that allows your guests to connect to your wireless network without accessing your main network.  It also allows you to easily manage your wireless network through your iPhone®.  To download the Connect Express software for your iPhone®, click here.

Step 1:
On your Home screen, tap  .

Step 2:
Tap Guest Access.



Step 3:
Select Settings.

Step 4:
Ensure that This feature is switched ON.  Take note of your Settings.

QUICK TIP:  The Guest network settings are pre-assigned by your Linksys wireless-N router.  However, you may change the Guest network name by changing the main network’s wireless name.



If you want to change the Guest password, tap the Password field and enter your preferred password.  Then tap Done.

QUICK TIP:  After changing the password, a prompt will warn you that the operation will disconnect all the wireless devices that are connected to your network.


QUICK TIP:  You can also change the number of guests who can connect to your Guest network by tapping the Total Guests Allowed drop-down menu.  Then tap Close.


You should now be able to setup your router’s Guest Access feature on your iPhone®.

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