I am getting an “Easy Setup Key cannot be used” message

When you are trying to connect additional computers with the Easy Setup Key, you may encounter an error saying: “This Easy Setup Key can not be used with this router”.

To resolve this error, you need to format the Easy Setup Key and create a new one.

NOTE:  Formatting your USB flash drive will erase all the data you have saved on the drive.  To avoid losing the files, backup the data before formatting.

Step 1:
Insert a USB flash drive into your computer’s USB port.  Right-click on your USB flash drive icon and select the Format… option.

Step 2:
On the File system drop-down list, select your preferred file format and then click Start.

NOTE:  In this example, the format selected is FAT32.

Step 3:
Click OK to start the formatting process.

Step 4:
Once the process is done, create a new easy setup key.  For instructions, click here.

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