Installing Home Network Defender

Home Network Defender is a router and web–based service which allows safe web surfing and parental controls across the entire home network.

The following steps will guide the user on how to install and activate Home Network Defender on your computer.

NOTE:   Make sure that your router's software (firmware) supports HND.

Step 1:
Run your Linksys Setup Wizard software and click Start Setup on the initial screen.

Step 2:
Click Next.

Step 3:
Check the box I accept this agreement and click Next

Step 4:
Wait for the wizard to check the connection. 

Step 5:
Follow the onscreen instructions to connect your router and then click Next.

Step 6:
Wait for the wizard to verify the router settings and click Next when the icon is active.

Step 7:
Enter the Router Password and click Next.

Step 8:
Assign your wireless network a name (SSID) and click Next.

NOTE:  The SSID(Service Set Identifier) is the name of your wireless network.

Step 9:
Select the recommended network security Higher Security (WPA / WPA2) and click Next.

NOTE:  We recommend Higher Security(WPA/WPA2) for better security and to optimize the speed of wireless-N.

Step 10:
Click Next.

Step 11:
Check the box Enable the Home Network Defender to enable this feature and click Next.

Step 12:
Check the box Save these settings in a text file on my desktop and click Next.

Step 13:
Wait for the wizard to configure the router settings.

Step 14:
Click Next when the icon is active.

Step 15:
Enter your account information to enable the HND
NOTE:  If you have forgotten the information, click on the My Account button your LELA application for your login information.

Step 16:
HND is successfully installed and replaced with a final icon on your LELA application.  Click Next to close this wizard.

Step 17:
To view your HND features, run your LELA application.  You can see the HND icon added to the list on your welcome screen.


How do I uninstall Home Network Defender (HND)?

You will need to restore the router to factory settings on your router and reinstall the software.  This time at Step 11, do not check Enable the Home Network Defender.

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