List of Linksys devices’ downloadable files

Keeping the driver or firmware of your Linksys device updated will fix issues you may encounter while using it.  An updated driver or firmware downloaded from the Linksys support site may also contain device feature enhancements that are not available on previous versions.
QUICK TIP:  The hardware version is located beside or beneath the model number and is labeled version, ver. or V.  If there is no version number beside the model number on your Linksys product, the device is version 1.  If you are still having trouble finding your version number, see the complete article to learn more.

Specialty devices
Modems and Gateways

VelopDownloadable Files
WHW0301Velop (WHW0301, WHW0302, WHW0303) Downloads
WHW0302Velop (WHW0301, WHW0302, WHW0303) Downloads
WHW0303Velop (WHW0301, WHW0302, WHW0303) Downloads

NOTE:  The router’s firmware is usually a .bin file.  However, there are instances wherein the file may have a different extension such as .img and .bix.

RoutersDownloadable Files
E1000E1000 Downloads
E1000 Documents
E1000 User Guides
E1200E1200 Downloads
E1200 Documents
E1200 User Guides
 E1500E1500 Downloads
E1500 Documents
E1500 User Guides
E1550E1550 Downloads
E1550 Documents
E1550 User Guides
 E1700E1700 Downloads
E1700 Documents
E1700 User Guides
 E2000E2000 Downloads
E2000 Documents
E2000 User Guides
 E2500E2500 Downloads
E2500 Documents
E2500 User Guides
E3000E3000 Downloads
E3000 Documents
E3000 User Guides
 E3200E3200 Downloads
E3200 Documents
E3200 User Guides
E4200E4200 Downloads
E4200 Documents
E4200 User Guides
 E800E800 Downloads
E800 Documents
E800 User Guides
 E8350E8350 Downloads
E8350 Documents
E8350 User Guides
 E8400E8400 Downloads
E8400 Documents
E8400 User Guide
 E900E900 Downloads
E900 Documents
E900 User Guides
 EA2700EA2700 Downloads
EA2700 Documents
EA2700 User Guides
 EA2750EA2750 Downloads
EA2750 Documents
 EA3500EA3500 Downloads
EA3500 Documents
EA3500 User Guides
 EA4500EA4500 Downloads
EA4500 Documents
EA4500 User Guides
 EA6100EA6100 Downloads
EA6100 Documents
EA6100 User Guides
 EA6200EA6200 Downloads
EA6200 Documents
EA6200 User Guides
 EA6300EA6300 Downloads
EA6300 Documents
EA6300 User Guides

EA6350 Downloads
EA6350 Documents
EA6350 User Guides
 EA6400EA6400 Downloads
EA6400 Documents
EA6400 User Guides
 EA6500 EA6500 Downloads
EA6500 Documents
EA6500 User Guides
 EA6700EA6700 Downloads
EA6700 Documents
EA6700 User Guides
 EA6900EA6900 Downloads
EA6900 Documents
EA6900 User Guides
EA7300EA7300 Downloads
EA7300 Documents
 EA7400EA7400 Downloads
EA7400 Documents
EA7400 User Guide
EA7500EA7500 Downloads
EA7500 Documents
EA7500 User Guide
 EA8500EA8500 Downloads
EA8500 Documents
EA8500 User Guide
EA9200EA9200 Downloads
EA9200 Documents
EA9200 User Guides
 EA9500EA9500 Downloads
EA9500 Documents
EA9500 User Guide
EA9400EA9400 Downloads
EA9400 Documents
 WRT1200ACWRT1200AC Downloads
WRT1200AC Documents
WRT1200AC User Guide
 WRT120NWRT120N Downloads
WRT120N Documents
WRT120N User Guides
 WRT160NWRT160N Downloads
WRT160N Documents
WRT160N User Guides
 WRT1900ACWRT1900AC Downloads
WRT1900AC Documents
WRT1900AC User Guides
 WRT1900ACSWRT1900ACS Downloads
WRT1900ACS Documents
WRT1900ACS User Guides
WRT3200ACMWRT3200ACM Downloads
WRT3200ACM Documents
 WRT54GWRT54G Downloads
WRT54G Documents
WRT54G User Guides
 WRT54GLWRT54GL Downloads
WRT54GL Documents
WRT54GL User Guides
 WRT54G2WRT54G2 Downloads
WRT54G2 Documents
WRT54G2 User Guides

AdaptersDownloadable Files
AE1000AE1000 Downloads
AE1000 Documents
AE1000 User Guides
AE1200AE1200 Downloads
AE1200 Documents
AE1200 User Guides
AE2500AE2500 Downloads
AE2500 Documents
AE2500 User Guides
AE3000AE3000 Downloads
AE3000 Documents
AE3000 User Guides
AE6000AE6000 Downloads
AE6000 Documents
AE6000 User Guides
USB300MUSB300M Downloads
USB300M Documents
USB300M User Guides

USB3GIG Downloads
USB3GIG Documents
USB3GIG User Guides

WUSB100WUSB100 Downloads
WUSB100 Documents
WUSB100 User Guides
WUSB600NWUSB600N Downloads
WUSB600N Documents
WUSB600N User Guides
WUSB6100MWUSB6100M Downloads
WUSB6100M Documents
WUSB6100M User Guide
WUSB6300WUSB6300 Downloads
WUSB6300 Documents
WUSB6300 User Guides
Specialty devices

Specialty devicesDownloadable Files
RE1000RE1000 Downloads
RE1000 Documents
RE1000 User Guides
RE2000RE2000 Downloads
RE2000 Documents
RE2000 User Guides
RE3000WRE3000W Downloads
RE3000W Documents
RE3000W User Guides
RE4000WRE4000W Downloads
RE4000W Documents
RE4000W User Guides
RE4100WRE4100W Downloads
RE4100W Documents
RE4100W User Guides
RE6300RE6300 Downloads
RE6300 Documents
RE6300 User Guide
RE6400RE6400 Downloads
RE6400 Documents
RE6400 User Guide
RE6500RE6500 Downloads
RE6500 Documents
RE6500 User Guide
RE6500HGRE6500HG Downloads
RE6500HG Documents
RE6500HG User Guides
RE6700RE6700 Downloads
RE6700 Documents
RE6700 User Guides
RE7000RE7000 Downloads
RE7000 Documents
RE7000 User Guide
WAP300NWAP300N Downloads
WAP300N Documents
WAP300N User Guides
WAP610NWAP610N Downloads
WAP610N Documents
WAP610N User Guides
WAP750ACWAP750AC Downloads
WAP750AC Document
WAP750AC User Guide
WES610NWES610N Downloads
WES610N Documents
WES610N User Guides
WUMC710WUMC710 Downloads
WUMC710 Documents
WUMC710 User Guides
PLEK400PLEK400 Downloads
PLEK400 Documents
PLEK400 User Guides
PLEK500PLEK500 Downloads
PLEK500 Documents
PLEK500 User Guides
Modems and Gateways

Modems and GatewaysDownloadable Files
 X1000X1000 Downloads
X1000 Documents
X1000 User Guides
 X2000X2000 Downloads
X2000 Documents
X2000 User Guides
 X3000X3000 Downloads
X3000 Documents
X3000 User Guide
 X3500X3500 Downloads
X3500 Documents
X3500 User Guides
XAC1900XAC1900 Downloads
XAC1900 Documents
XAC1900 User Guides

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