Linksys Cloud Manager 2.0 - Networks page

The Networks tab will display your networks that you have created. You can click on a network from here to navigate to an access point to configure or view other information per network.  

How to get to the Networks page
Step 1: 
Log in to the Linksys Cloud Manager.  For instructions, click
Step 2:
Select an organization (if you have multiple organizations). 

You will land on the Networks page.
Setting Description
sf317431-003_en_v3.pngClick on New Network to create a new network. 
Network nameClick on a network to access it.  The network name will display how many access points are part of this network. 
Connected ClientsThis section displays how many clients are currently connected to this network.
Current TrafficThis section displays the current traffic of the network. 
Click on the ellipsis menu sf317431-006_en_v3.png of a network  to access shortcuts for the network, rename a network or delete it. 


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