How to customize a category filter on your Linksys Shield

Linksys Shield is being discontinued. Current  subscribers can continue to use the service until July 31st 2024. New subscriptions or renewals will no longer be available.


Customizing a category filter on Linksys Shield is easy. Make sure that you have  already subscribed to Linksys Shield and has selected a specific filter (Child, Pre-Teen, Teen, or Adult) for a particular device on the network. To learn more, click here.
After you have selected a filter, select a category by tapping on the category name. This will expand the subcategory list. In the example below, the category News/Business/Tech has been selected.

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To block a subcategory, select a subcategory and tap on its green check mark, which then changes into a red circle with an x.

  1. To unblock a subcategory, tap on the red circle, which then changes into a green check mark.
  2. Notice that the category heading now has changed to an orange circle since one subcategory was blocked.
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You can also change ADVANCED CATEGORIES if needed, such as Untested Websites and Malicious Websites. However, should you need to either unblock or block one of these categories, you can apply the same method as above. By default, Untested Websites is Allowed for all filters and Malicious Websites is Blocked for all filters (recommended).

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