List of tested USB hard drives and printers for the Linksys Smart Wi-Fi Router, EA6500

The Linksys Smart Wi-Fi Router AC 1750 HD Video Pro, EA6500 is compatible with most storage devices and printers.  The following table lists the storage devices and printers tested to work with the router.

Storage devices

SanDisk® 4 GB Thumbdrive4 GBFAT32
Western Digital® SATA 500 GB500 GBNTFS
Western Digital® SATA 1 TB1 TBHFS+
Western Digital® MyPassport1 TBHFS+
Hewlett Packard® V125 8 GB Thumbdrive8 GBFAT32
Kingston® DataTraveler G2 8 GB Thumbdrive8 GBNTFS
iomega® RPHD-U 320 GB External HDD320 GBHFS+
Lexar™8 GB Thumbdrive8 GBHFS+
Patriot Dash 4 GB Thumbdrive4 GBFAT32
PNY®Attache 2 GB Thumbdrive2 GBFAT32
SanDisk®Cruzer®2 GB Thumbdrive2 GBNTFS
SanDisk® Cruzer® 4 GB Thumbdrive4 GBHFS+
Seagate® FreeAgent 1.5 TB External HDD1.5 TBHFS+
Western Digital®WD10EVVS 1 TB Internal HDD1 TBFAT32
Western Digital® WD20EVDS 2 TB Internal HDD2 TBNTFS
Western Digital® WD5000AVVS 500 GB Internal HDD500 GBNTFS
Western Digital® WD My Book Mirror Edition 2 TB External HDD2 TBNTFS
Western Digital® WD My Passport Elite 500 GB External HDD500 GBNTFS
SanDisk® SanDisk® Extreme Thumbdrive 16 GB 
Corsair Corsair Flash Voyager® Thumbdrive32 GB 
Western Digital® Western Digital® SATA500 GB 
Western Digital® Western Digital® SATA1 TB 
Kingston® Kingston® DataTraveler G2 Thumbdrive8 GBNTFS
Kingston® Kingston® DataTraveler Elite Thumbdrive64 GB 
iomega® iomega® RPHD-U External HDD320 GBHFS+
Lexar™ Lexar Thumbdrive8 GBHFS+
Lexar™ Lexar ECHO Thumbdrive 128 GB 
PNY® PNY® Attache Thumbdrive 2 GB/8 GBNTFS

PNY® Black Drive Thumbdrive

32 GB 
SanDisk® Cruzer® Micro4 GBNTFS, FAT32, FAT16, HFS+
Seagate® Expansion Portable1.5 TBNTFS, HFS, FAT32
Seagate® Seagate® Barracuda500 GBNTFS
Seagate® Seagate® Expansion Desktop3 TB 
Seagate® Seagate® FreeAgent External HDD 1.5 TBHFS+
Seagate® Seagate® FreeAgent Internal HDD 1.5 TBNTFS
Toshiba Toshiba Canvio1 TBNTFS
Western Digital® WD GreenPower™1 TB 
BuffaloBuffalo MiniStation™ Stealth USB 3.0 External HDD1 TBHFS+
Seagate® Seagate FreeAgent GoFlex Desk 3TB USB3.0 External HDD3 TBNTFS
Fantom GreenDrive2 TBFAT32
LinksysValet Easy Setup Key Thumbdrive2 GBFAT16, HFS+


Manufacturer Model
Hewlett Packard HP Photosmart Premium All-in-One Printer - C309
 Hewlett Packard®HP Officejet J4680 All-in-One 

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