Disabling the Smart Connect feature using the Linksys app

The Linksys app is a free mobile application that allows you to securely access your home network, router features, settings and configuration from a mobile device.  The Linksys EA9200 and Linksys EA9500 Smart Wi-Fi Routers support Smart Connect which allows the routers to select the best Wi-Fi band for connected devices to maximize the network’s Wi-Fi speed and performance.

This article will give you instructions on how to disable the Smart Connect feature using the Linksys app.
Step 1: 
On your mobile device, tap the Linksys app User-added image icon.
Step 2:
Log in to your Linksys cloud account.  For instructions, click here.
Step 3:
On the Dashboard, tap the Menu icon (three bars).
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Step 4:
Tap on Wi-Fi Settings.
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Step 5:
Toggle the switch to the left to disable the Smart Connect feature of your router.  If you wish to enable it, just toggle the switch to the right.
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NOTE:   If Smart Connect is disabled, all three (3) bands will display.  You may need to configure each accordingly.

Step 6:
Tap on Save to apply the changes.

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You have now disabled the Smart Connect feature of your router using the Linksys app.

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