Overview of the Advanced Settings on the Linksys app for Mesh system

The Advanced Settings feature allows you to configure the Internet Settings, Port Settings, Wi-Fi MAC Filters, and Local Network Settings of your Linksys Intelligent Mesh network using the Linksys app. This article provides an overview of this feature.

To access this feature from the dashboard,
log in to the Linksys app, tap on the menu icon at the upper left portion of your screen, and then go to Advanced Settings.


Click on each section for more details:

Internet Settings
Port Settings
Wi-Fi MAC Filters
Local Network Settings

Internet Settings

This section allows you to configure the Internet Settings of your mesh network.

Connection TypeTap to change the Connection Type. Options include Automatic Configuration - DHCPStatic IP, PPPoE, PPTP, L2TP and Bridge Mode.


IPv6Tap to change the IPv6 settings. Options include Automatic,
PPPoE, and Passthrough.

Additional SettingsTap to change the MTU size and configure the MAC Address Clone.


Port Settings

Use the Port Settings screen to add rules to send traffic from specific ports or ranges of ports to specific connected devices. You can also configure your router to remember which port a device uses to send data so data returning through that port is sent to that device.


Single Port ForwardingTap to configure Single Port Forwarding, edit existing rules, disable a rule, and delete a rule.


All three sections under Port Settings will have the option to Add a Rule.


Port Range ForwardingTap to configure Port Range Forwarding, edit existing rules, disable a rule, and delete a rule.


Port Range
Configure Port Range Triggering in the section shown below.


Wi-Fi MAC Filters

Tap to configure the Wi-Fi MAC Filters of your device.

Wi-Fi MAC FiltersTap Edit to change the Wi-Fi MAC Filter Status.


If Wi-Fi MAC Filters is enabled, it will let you Allow Access or Deny Access to your WiFi clients.



Local Network Settings

Configure the local network settings of your mesh network.

Router Details and
DHCP Server
You can change the IP address settings of your mesh network on Router Details. This section also allows you to change the DHCP Server settings of your mesh network.


DNS SettingsChange the DNS Settings of your mesh network. By default, Auto is selected. 


Tap to select Manual and scroll down to make the necessary DNS changes.


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