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Changing the NAS’ Device Name

Changing the NAS’ device name is one way of personalizing the settings of your network storage.  This name will be shown on your computer's Network Neighborhood or My Network Places to identify the device on the network.

Changing the NAS’ Device Name

You can change the device name of the network attached storage by performing the following steps:

Step 1:
Access the network storage’s web-based setup page.  For instructions, click here.

NOTE:  If you are using Mac to access the network storage's web-based setup page, click here

Step 2:
In the Setup page, click Administration > System.

Step 3:
In the Server Name field, enter your desired device name.

NOTE:  Punctuation and other special characters (e.g. * / | \) cannot be used when creating the device name.

Step 4:

Click .


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