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Setting-Up WISH on the Dual-Band Wireless-N Gaming Adapter

WISH or Wireless Intelligent Stream Handling is a technology developed to enhance your experience using a wireless network by prioritizing the traffic of different applications. This is done via the game adapter’s web-based setup page.

A WISH Rule identifies a specific message flow and assigns a priority to that flow. For most applications, the priority classifiers ensure the right priorities and specific WISH rules are not required. WISH supports overlaps between rules. If more than one rule matches a specific message flow, the rule with the highest priority is used.

To setup WISH on the WGA600N, you need to perform two steps:

  1. Enabling WISH on the Wireless-N Gaming Adapter
  2. Adding a WISH Rule

For instructions on how to enable the WISH feature on the WGA600N, follow the steps below.

Enabling WISH on the Wireless-N Gaming Adapter

Step 1:
Access the Wireless-N game adapter’s web-based setup page.

Step 2:
When the game adapter’s web-based setup page appears, click Advanced then WISH.

Step 3:
Check the Enable Wish box if you want to allow WISH to prioritize your traffic.

After enabling WISH, proceed in adding a WISH Rule. For instructions, follow the steps below.

Adding a WISH Rule

Step 1:
Check the Enable box in order to create a rule.

Step 2:
In the Name field, enter a name for the WISH rule you want to create.

Step 3:
In the Priority field, select the priority level you wish to apply for the rule.

Below are the four priority options you can set on the WISH rule:

  • BK – Background (least urgent)
  • BE – Best effort
  • VI – Video
  • VO – Voice (most urgent)

Step 4:
In the Protocol field, select the protocol you would like to prioritize from the drop-down list. The default selection is set to Any.

Step 5:
If you want the rule to apply to a flow of messages that are from a computer within the specified range, specify the desired IP range in the Host 1 IP Range field. In this example, we used “ –” as the IP range.

Step 6:
If you want the rule to apply to a flow of messages that fall within the values defined in the Host IP Range field and also utilize a port, specify the desired port range in the Host 1 Port Range field.

Step 7:
If you want to add another IP range and port range, use the Host 2 IP Range and Host 2 Port Range fields respectively.

Step 8:
Click Save.

NOTE: WISH Rules can be enabled or disabled by toggling the check box on the left side of the rule. Click the Edit icon  to modify an existing WISH Rule. Click the Delete icon  to delete an existing WISH Rule.


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