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How to Setup LAN Party Mode for WGA600N

What is a LAN Party?

LAN Party is a term used when a group of people gather in a single location to play multiplayer computer games.  You can join a LAN party through wireless connection by using the WGA600N.  The WGA600N can be designated as Master unit or Non-Master unit in a LAN party.

Before accessing the WGA600N’s web-based setup page, make sure that it is powered ON and that it is connected to your computer using an Ethernet cable.

NOTE:  You must set the IP address of your computer to Static with any value from to except which is the IP address of the WGA600N.  For instructions on how to assign a static IP address on your computer, click here.

To configure the Gaming Adapter to LAN party mode, follow these steps:

Step 1:
Open a web browser such as Internet Explorer.

Step 2:
On the address bar, enter the game adapter’s IP address which is then press [Enter].

NOTE: The Login Page of the Gaming Adapter will be displayed.

Step 3:
Enter “admin” in the User Name and Password field then click the Log In button.

NOTE: The Device Information Page will be displayed.

Step 4:
Click the Basic tab then select the Wireless sub-tab.

Step 5:
From the Wireless Network Mode Setting drop-down list, choose Lan Party then click the Switch button.

Step 6:
A reboot pop-up window will be displayed on your screen.  Click OK to reboot.

NOTE: The reboot process will take approximately 20 seconds to complete.

Step 7:
Enter “admin” in the User Name and Password field then click the Log In button.

NOTE:  The Wireless Network Mode has been changed to LAN Party.  This shows that your device has been configured for the LAN party as the Master unit.

Step 8:
To complete the Lan Party setup, configure the device according to the following settings:

i.  Press the Security button on the gaming adapter that was designated as the Master unit.
ii. Press the Security button on the gaming adapter (Non-Master Unit) that is joining the LAN party.

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