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Getting to know WGA11B

This article will show you the features of your Wireless- B Gaming Adapter.


 Back Panel




1. CHANNEL SELECTOR- The Channel Selector button selects the channel, when using the Game Adapter in ADHOC mode, or Infrastructure (IN), when using the Game Adapter in Infrastructure mode, for fast setup.

2. RESET- The Reset button resets the Gaming Adapter to its factory defaults.

3. X-II - This switch toggles the Network port between crossover (X) and straight-through mode (II).
If you are connecting the adapter directly to a computer or to an Uplink port, choose straight-through (II).

4. NETWORK- The Network port is where you will connect the Ethernet network cable.

5. POWER- The Power port is where you will connect the power adapter.



6. The Ethernet LED will light up green when data is being transferred over the Ethernet cable.

7. The Wireless LED will be lit steadily when the gaming adapter is connected to the wired network. The LED will blink when there is network traffic.


• 802.11B compatible for high-speed wireless gaming
• Compatible with most network-ready gaming consoles without drivers ( i.e. PlayStation®2, Xbox™ or GameCube™)
• Provides lag-free gaming with communication speed of up to 11Mbps
• Supports WEP (Wired Equivalent Privacy) 64-bit and 128-bit encryption
• Ethernet and Wireless LED lights
• Equipped with 2 ports for Power and Ethernet
• Easy-to-use Channel Selector Button for instant wireless configuration
• Compact size allows easy placement and maximum portability





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