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Connecting the WUSB54GS v2 to a WEP-enabled Linksys Wireless router

Before attempting to connect your Linksys Wireless adapter to a Linksys Wireless router, please know the following: SSID, Wireless Security and/or Network Key. If you do not know your wireless settings, click here  for instructions on how to get your SSID, Wireless Security and/or Network Key.

Connect using the Linksys WLAN Monitor:

Step 1:
Run the Linksys Wireless Network Monitor by double-clicking this icon  at the bottom-right corner of your screen. If you don’t see the Wireless Network Monitor icon, click  here.


Step 2:
Click the Site Survey tab select the name of your wireless network or SSID and click Connect.


Step 3:
Enter your WEP key in the  Key 1 field and click OK.


Saving your wireless settings to a Profile:

Step 1:
After getting a connection, the Wireless Network Monitor will bring you to Link Information. Click More Information.


Step 2:
Click Save to Profile to save all your wireless settings to a profile.


Note: If you’re unable to connect to your WEP-enabled network click  here.



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