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Hardware Installation for Connection to your Broadband Modem

Follow the below instructions to connect your broadband modem to your hardware installation.

NOTE: For user where using WRP400, locations for the slost might not be the same as shown from print screens.

Hardware Installation for Connection to Your Broadband Modem

Step 1:
Power down your network devices.

Step 2:
Locate an optimum location for the router.

NOTE: The best place for the router is usually at the center of your wireless network, with line of sight to all of your mobile stations.

Step 3:
Fix the direction of the antennas. Try to place the router in a position that will best cover your wireless network.

NOTE: The higher you place the antenna, the better performance will be.

Step 4:
Connect a standard Ethernet network cable to the router's Internet port.

Step 5:
Next, connect the other end of the Ethernet cable to your cable or DSL broadband modem.


Step 6:
Connect your network PCs or Ethernet devices to the Router's numbered ports using standard Ethernet network cabling.


Step 7:
Connect the AC power adapter to the Router's Power port and the other end into an electrical outlet. Only use the power adapter supplied with the Router. Use of a different adapter may damage the product.


Step 8:
Connect a standard telephone to the Router's Phone1 port. If you have a second phone, connect the telephone to the Router's Phone2 port.



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