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Accessing Facebook using your Wii™

The Nintendo Wii™ not only allow users to play games online, it can also be used to open specific websites like Facebook.  This article will help you access Facebook using your Wii™.

NOTE:  Before you start accessing any websites, you need to ensure that:

  • Your Nintendo Wii™ is connected to your wireless network.  For instructions on how to connect your console to your network, click here.
  • Internet Channel must be installed on your Nintendo Wii™.  This is available for download in the Wii Shop.

To access Facebook on your console, follow the steps below:

i.   Download Internet Channel
ii.  Access Facebook Using Internet Channel

Download Internet Channel

Step 1:
Select the Wii Shop Channel icon on the Wii™ Menu.

NOTE:  If you have not previously opened the Wii Shop Channel, you will be prompted to read and agree to the User Agreement.

Step 2:
Scroll right until you reach the Internet Channel then select Start.

Step 3:
Select Download.

Step 4:
Select Yes.

Once the download is finished, the Internet Channel can be accessed from your Wii Menu.

Accessing Facebook Using Internet Channel

Step 1:
Select the Internet Channel on the Wii™ Menu.

Step 2:
Select the Web Address icon.

Step 3:
Use the onscreen keyboard to enter “www.facebook.com” on the address bar then click OK.

You can now Log In to open your Facebook account

Media Prioritization

Today, as households make use of more and more devices for entertainment or for practical purposes, the performance of your network may suffer in terms of speed and connectivity.  To ensure that the optimum speed remain consistent for your more important devices, you may redistribute the bandwidth available to the heavier applications you are currently using.

To adjust the priority levels of each connected device or software application, you can make use of the Media Prioritization Tool of your Linksys Smart Wi-Fi Account.  This lets you rearrange the media prioritization of each device and application on your network.  To find out more, click here.

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