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Easily expand WiFi coverage in every area of your home by simply adding convenient, cordless plug-in nodes to your existing Velop Mesh WiFi system.

  • Intelligent Mesh™ Technology adapts to WiFi needs
  • Fits any wall socket to boost coverage for all your devices
  • Automatic software updates keep your WiFi future-proofed
  • Easy setup with the Linksys App has you online in minutes

178,99 C$

Velop Plugin Near Shelf

Experience Flawless, Full-Strength Mesh WiFi with Velop

Velop is a flexible Whole Home Mesh WiFi system of modular nodes which can be configured to provide a flawless signal for any home. The new plug-in node is an easy and convenient way to expand coverage to any area of your home. Simply add plug-in nodes to your existing Velop system for a seamless connection to all your devices.* They fit all wall sockets, and the sleek design only uses a single outlet and complements any home environment. Powered by Intelligent MeshTM technology, you’ll always be on the fastest path to the internet. *Plug-in nodes only work with an existing Velop system.

Velop Plugin with home theater system

Plug-In Node for Effortless Coverage

With the convenient Velop plug-in node, you'll enjoy even greater flexibility when expanding your Velop mesh WiFi system. This compact node conveniently fits into all wall sockets, helping ensure coverage in garages, hallways, and areas where you don't want cords. It's an ideal solution for homes with security systems and other smart devices that need a consistent, reliable WiFi signal. And since it only takes up one outlet and doesn't require any cables or cords, this plug-in node easily fits into any environment without adding clutter.

Linksys App Dashboard

Manage Your Home WiFi Anytime, Anywhere

With the Linksys App, you can closely monitor and manage your home WiFi remotely using a smartphone or tablet.

  • Guest Access: Create a separate, password-protected WiFi network for up to 50 guests and easily share the password.
  • Parental Controls: Ensure a safe Internet experience for your kids -- even when you're away from home. Restrict access to inappropriate or distracting content, control usage, and block specific devices from accessing the Internet.
  • Device Prioritization: Prioritize devices that need the most speed.

Designed to Fit Anywhere

Designed to excel in every home type, situation, and footprint, Velop nodes work together to give you exceptionally fast WiFi. Each Velop node features a beautiful, compact design that coordinates with any home style and decor.

As your WiFi needs expand, simply add additional nodes to work around walls, problem areas, or multiple stories.

Plug your home details into our configurator tool to find the perfect WiFi mesh system for you.

  • For an apartment or a single bedroom house, try a 1-pack
  • For a 2- to 3-bedroom house, try a 2-pack
  • For a 3- to 4-bedroom house, try a 3-pack
WiFI expansion animation
3-Year Warranty, 24/7 Customer Care Icon

Backed by 3-Year Limited Warranty and Tech Support

Spécifications techniques
  • Technologie sans fil:
    1 300 Mbit/s (867 + 400 Mbit/s) avec MU-MIMO pour chaque borne
  • Principales caractéristiques:
    • Produit fonctionnant avec les autres produits Velop
    • Technologie Intelligent Mesh
    • Technologie MU-MIMO
    • Itinérance intégrée
    • Linksys Smart Connect
    • Technologie Spot Finder
    • 2 x 2 flux spatiaux
    • Test de vitesse
  • Normes réseau:
    • 802. 11ac
    • 802. 11b
    • 802. 11g
    • 802. 11n
    • 802. 11a
    • 802. 3ab
    • 802. 3u
  • Vitesse de transmission WI-FI:
    Jusqu’à 400 Mbit/s (2,4 GHz) et 867 Mbit/s (5 GHz)
  • Bandes sans fil:
    AC1300 double bande
  • Portée sans fil:
    140 m 2
  • Autres ports:
    Prise AC intégrée, pas de port Ethernet
  • Antennes:
    3 antennes et amplificateurs de haute puissance
  • Processeur:
    Quadri cœur de 716 MHz
  • Mémoire:
    RAM DDR3 256 Mo de mémoire Flash
  • Voyants DEL:
    Un seul voyant multicolore pour indiquer l'état de l'alimentation et du fonctionnement
  • Configuration facile:
    Configuration simple et sécurisée via appli
  • Configuration minimale requise:
    • Réseau Velop existant composé d’une borne principale
    • Connexion à Internet
    • Appli Linksys App version 2.7.5 ou ultérieure installée sur votre smartphone
  • Dimensions (longueur x largeur x hauteur):
    7,7 x 6,4 x 11,9 cm
  • Fonctions de sécurité:
    Chiffrement WPA2 personnel
  • Garantie et soutien:
    Garantie 3 ans
  • Adaptateur secteur:
    Adaptateur secteur CA / CC


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* Les performances peuvent varier. Les prises Velop fonctionnent uniquement avec un système Velop vendu séparément. Abonnement Internet requis. Pour plus d'informations, reportez-vous à https://www.linksys.com/us/p/P-WHW0101P/