Blinking Power or Diag LED on a router

If the Power or Diag LED (Light Emitting Diode) on your Linksys router is blinking, it means the firmware is corrupted.  If this happens, you won’t be able to do the following:

  • Access the router’s web-based setup page
  • Assign IP Addresses to computers connected to your router using its DHCP capabilities

NOTE:  This also applies if your router's LED is dimly illuminated.

Listed below are the things that you can do to solve this issue:

Powercycle the router
Assign a static IP Address to your computer
Ping the router
Reset the router
Update / Re-flash the firmware using the TFTP Utility

Powercycle the router

Before proceeding with any of the troubleshooting steps indicated below, you need to make sure that you have performed a powercycle on your router.  This is the quickest and easiest workaround for any issues on your router and it might just solve the problem at this point.  To do this, unplug the power cord of your router from the power outlet for 30 seconds then plug it back in.  You can also unplug the power cord, Internet, and Ethernet cables from its ports and plug it back.  Connect the power cord to the power outlet.

Assign a static IP Address to your computer

Since the router loses the ability to assign IP Addresses to the computers connected to it, you need to assign the computer a static IP Address.  For instructions, click hereAfter assigning a static IP Address, check the computer's connectivity to the router through a Ping test.

NOTE:  If you get a public IP Address, your computer might be connected directly to your Internet Service Provider's (ISP's) modem.  To change to, make sure your computer is directly connected only to the router.

Ping the router

A Ping test helps trace the communication between the computer and the router.  The computer sends packets to the router and in return the router sends out replies to validate the connection.  Click here to know how. 

Reset the router

You may reset the router if the steps mentioned above did not resolve the issue.  Resetting your router will erase all its current settings and will set the router back to its factory default settings.

Step 1:
Press and hold the Reset button of your router for 30 seconds.

NOTE:  The Reset button is located either at the back or at the bottom of your router.  Image may vary depending on the model of your Linksys product.


Step 2:
Unplug the power cord of the router for 10 seconds and plug it back in.

After the reset, you need to reconfigure the router since all the settings were reverted to the default settings.  If you have Cable Internet service, click here for instructions on setting up your router.  If you have DSL Internet, click here.

Update / Re-flash the firmware using the TFTP Utility

If you still can’t access your router’s web-based setup page and still get the same flashing LEDs, you may attempt re-flashing the firmware of your router using the TFTP Utility.  For instructions, click here.

The articles below provide additional information and instructions about updating the firmware of your router:

Upgrading the Linksys router's firmware using the classic web-based setup page
What to do if the router does not work after a failed firmware upgrade

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