The benefits of having a connected home

What is a connected home?

If you already have a computer network set up in your home, then you have the basic requirements to have a connected home.  Ideally, a connected home is when the devices you have are all connected to the local area network (LAN) setup in your house.  The LAN is a computer network in a small area which connects devices together using networking products such as routers.
The devices may be connected to the network wirelessly or by using Ethernet cables.  With this setup, all devices connected to the network will be able to share resources such as media files, informational data, printers, network access storage, Internet connection and many others.
What are the benefits of having a connected home?
  • Sharing of data and media files within the network creates fast and easy access to information
  • Internet connection is readily available for devices that need it
  • Monitor all the activities going on in the network through your router
  • Check on your home wherever you are by connecting a network camera and accessing it online
  • Remotely manage the devices and appliances connected to your network
  • Explore the possibilities:
    • Receive email or text alerts from your smart fridge at home when you are out of food supplies and need to go to the grocery
    • Send notifications to your smart appliances at home to start up minutes before you arrive (ex. turn ON the lights, thermostat and other appliances)
How doyou set up a connected home?
Create a connected home by first setting up a local area network.  You can do this with the help of Linksys products starting with a wireless router as the heart of your connected home.  Setting up your home network is quick and easy with the Linksys Smart Wi-Fi Routers.  You may click the links below for instructions on setting it up:
Setting up your Linksys Smart Wi-Fi Router using an iPhone® or iPod touch®
Setting up the Linksys Smart Wi-Fi Router using Smart Setup

After setting up your router, start connecting your Wi-Fi devices and appliances to the wireless network.  All you need to connect wirelessly is the wireless network name (SSID) of your router and the password.
Linksys Smart Wi-Fi Account
SF137601-002_EN_v2.png The Linksys Smart Wi-Fi Account is the new service offered by Linksys which allows you to access your home network anywhere as long as there is an active Internet connection.  This is designed to work with the new Linksys Smart Wi-Fi Router series.  You can remotely access your router, monitor the activities in your network, set up parental controls or print documents on the network printer.  This enhances the experience of a connected home setup.
To get the latest networking products from the Linksys Store, click here.
NOTE:  Older Linksys Smart Wi-Fi Router versions are shipped with the Classic web-based setup page.  If you would like to upgrade its interface to the Linksys Smart Wi-Fi, click here to learn how.  However, if you would like to learn how to simply upgrade the firmware of your Linksys Smart Wi-Fi Router, click here.

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