Getting to know Linksys WES610N

The Linksys WES610N Dual-Band N Entertainment Bridge with 4-port Switch is capable of connecting any Ethernet-based devices to your wireless network.  This device is based on a dual-band Wireless-N network, making it compatible with any Wireless -N, -G, -A, or -B routers or access points. 
This article will provide you with a general overview of the Linksys WES610N Wireless-N Bridge.

LEDs Panel

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QUICK TIP:  LED stands for Light-Emitting Diode.
User-added image Wireless LED – the Wireless LED lights up blue to indicate that there is an active Internet connection.  If the LED flashes, this means that the device is actively sending or receiving data across the wireless network.

User-added image Wi-Fi Protected Setup™ (WPS) button – Press this button to activate the WPS feature of your device. 

User-added imageWi-Fi Protected Setup™ LEDThe WPS LED is located under the WPS button.  Take note of the following activities for the WPS LED:
  • When the WPS LED flashes blue for approximately two (2) minutes, this means that the Wi-Fi Protected Setup process is currently taking place.
  • When the light is steadily blue, this means that the wireless security has been enabled. 
  • When the LED lights up amber, there could be something wrong with the Wi-Fi Protected Setup process.
User-added image Ethernet LED – When a wired connection is detected, the Ethernet LED will light up blue.  This LED will continually flash if the device is sending and receiving data over the wireless network.    
User-added image Power LED – The Power LED lights up blue to indicate that the device is powered ON.  This LED will also continually flash purple during initial setup.  The initial setup would last for about one (1) minute then stabilize back to its blue color.
Ports Panel
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User-added image Ethernet ports – The Ethernet ports are used to connect the bridge to a computer or any other devices using an Ethernet cable.  The Linksys WES610N Bridge has four (4) available Ethernet ports.
User-added image  Power port – This is where you connect the power adapter.
Bottom Panel
User-added image Reset button – The Reset button is at the bottom of the device.  There are two (2) ways in resetting the device to its factory defaults – you can either press and hold the Reset button (using a pin) for five (5) seconds or access the device’s web-based setup page.  To learn more about resetting your device, click here.
NOTE:  The Power LED will light up purple if the Reset button is pressed. 

Product Information Label – You can find the following information on the device’s bottom panel:

  • Model Number
  • Serial Number
  • LAN MAC Address
  • WPS Personal Identification Number (PIN)
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Adding Linksys WES610N to the network
Adding the Linksys WES610N to the network can help extend the wireless signal of your wireless router to accommodate the hard-to-reach areas at home.  It can even allow more devices to connect to both wired and wireless network for gaming or entertainment.  Click on the links below to find out ways to set up the Linksys Media Connector:
Setting up the Linksys media connector using Wi-Fi Protected Setup™
Configuring a Linksys Wireless-N Bridge through the web-based setup page

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