Installing WVC80N

This article will guide you on how to install your Internet Home Monitoring Camera.  Follow the steps provided below:

Installing the Camera

Step 1:
Insert the Setup CD into the CD-ROM drive.  The setup wizard should load automatically.

Step 2:
Click Start Setup to begin installation.

Step 3:
Click Next.

Step 4:
Read the Software License Agreement and click the I accept this agreement checkbox and click Next to proceed.

Step 5:
The setup wizard will scan your system for existing camera/s.  Once completed, click Next.

Step 6:
The setup wizard will guide you through the installation of the camera.  Follow the onscreen instructions provided then click Next after performing every steps.








Step 7:
Once the setup wizard detects the camera, provide the camera a Username and Password.  Click Next afterwards.

Step 8:
Type in a Friendly Name in order to easily identify the camera on your network then click Next.

Step 9:
The setup wizard will now configure the camera and verify its settings.  Once completed with the configuration, click Next.

Step 10:
Once completed with the configuration, a pop-up window will be displayed on your screen telling you that your device settings have been saved on your desktop as a .txt file.   Click OK and then click Next to configure the camera’s wireless settings.

Step 11:
The setup wizard will now guide you through the wireless setup. Click Next to proceed to the wireless settings of the camera.

Step 12:
The setup wizard will search for any available wireless networks in range.  Once completed, a list of networks will be displayed on the screen.  Choose your preferred wireless network then click Next.


NOTE:  If your network uses wireless security, enter the password in the field provide then click Next.

Step 13:
Wait while the setup wizard configures your network.

Step 14:
Follow the onscreen instructions to disconnect the cables from the camera.  Click Next after performing every step provided.





Step 15:
Enter the router’s Username and Password and click Next.

Step 16:
The wizard will verify the router’s Username and Password.  Once completed with the verification, click Next.



Step 17:
The TZO DDNS screen will appear on the screen.  If you do not have a TZO account, click the No Thanks checkbox then click Next.


Step 18:
The camera installation is now complete and the web-based setup page of the device will be displayed on the screen.



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