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Changing your router's Wi-Fi password

It is important to change your Wi-Fi password as this creates protection from unwanted access to your personal information, and from other people committing fraud and theft.  This article will show you how to change the Wi-Fi password using a Linksys Wi-Fi Router.  If you are using a Linksys Smart Wi-Fi Router, click here to learn how to change the Wi-Fi settings using your Linksys cloud account.  You can also watch the video tutorial here

  • The Wi-Fi password is NOT the router administrator password.  To learn more about Linksys router's administrator password, click here.
  • Images and steps may vary depending on your Linksys router's model and version. 
Follow the steps below to change your Wi-Fi password:
Step 1:
Launch a web browser, enter “” in the Address bar then press [Enter].

NOTE:  If your router's IP address has been changed, click here for instructions on how to check it.

Step 2:
Enter your credentials in the fields provided.  The User name field is left empty by default and the administrator password is admin.  If you personalized your router password, use that instead.

  • If your password is incorrect, or if you've lost or forgotten it, you may need to reset your Linksys router to factory settings.  To learn more, click here.
  • To learn of the different ways in setting up your Linksys router, click here.
User-added image
Step 3:
Click the Wireless tab, then click the Wireless Security sub-tab.

User-added image
NOTE:  For some routers, the wireless security settings are under Wireless > Wireless Settings and displayed in the Manual option.
Step 4:
In the Passphrase field, enter your preferred Wi-Fi password. 

NOTE:  There are different Wi-Fi security modes for your Linksys router.  To learn more, click here

Step 5:
Click User-added image to save your changes.

IMPORTANT:  After changing your Wi-Fi password, devices that are currently connected to your network will be disconnected.  You need to reconnect them using your new password.  Click the links below for instructions on how to connect various devices to your Wi-Fi:
Computers and other related devices

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