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How to switch your Apple TV® between wired and wireless networks

Apple TV® is a digital media receiver that lets you stream contents from Netflix®, Hulu™ and other selected streaming media wirelessly in your network.  This article will teach you how to switch connections on your Apple TV® from wired to wireless and vice versa.

IMPORTANT:  If you don’t unplug the Ethernet cable connected to your Apple TV®, you cannot join your wireless network.  When you use an Ethernet cable, Apple TV® automatically uses that connection instead of your Wi-Fi® network.

From wired to wireless network:

Unplug the Ethernet cable from your Apple TV® and the Linksys router.

Once the Ethernet cable has been removed, go to Settings, select Network and join a Wi-Fi network.  For more information about this, click here.

From wireless to wired network connection:

To switch to a wired connection, all you need to do is to connect one end of an Ethernet cable to your Apple TV® and the other end to one of your Linksys router’s numbered ports (1, 2, 3, 4).  The Apple TV® will then switch automatically.

Once the Ethernet cable is wired to both your Apple TV® and router, the Network screen will refresh and will show you the new network information about your wired network setup such as your IP Address and MAC Address.

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