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Hello Linksys Customers!

Due to the Coronavirus, a lot of you have started working from home.  At Linksys, we understand your home Wi-Fi is critical during this time.  Over the recent weeks, we have received a lot of calls and chats on how to optimize your Wi-Fi for your family’s use.  A few of us here at Linksys have put our heads together to provide you with some helpful articles below.  Feel free to read up on how to improve your home network.

Router security and passwords
The passwords for your Wi-Fi and router protect your home network, personal information, and files from unauthorized access. 
  Internet connection tips
Configure your wired or Wi-Fi connection for the best work from home internet connection.

Network sharing tips
Share your files, folders and printers to your home network or over the internet with your colleagues at work.

VPN configuration tips
Virtual Private Network (VPN) connection secures your network while working from home.

For more information, check Work from home Frequently Asked Questions.

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