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Connecting to a hidden wireless network using the Linksys Wireless Network Monitor

Disabling SSID broadcast is another way to secure your wireless network.  This ensures that your SSID won’t be detected whenever someone does a scan.  When connecting to a wireless network with SSID broadcast disabled, you must create a profile.
Creating a Profile
Step 1:
Run the Linksys Wireless Network Monitor by double-clicking this icon  at the bottom-right corner of your screen.


Step 2:
Click the Profiles tab and click New.


Step 3:
On the Create connection profile window, enter the name of the new profile on the space provided and click OK.  It is recommended that you use the name of your wireless network (SSID).


Step 4:
On the Creating a Profile window, click Manual Setup.


Step 5:
Select Obtain a network settings automatically (DHCP) under Network Settings and click Next.


Step 6:
Select the wireless mode for your adapter.  If you’re using a router or an access point, select Infrastructure and enter your wireless network’s name for SSID and click Next.


Step 7:
On the Wireless Security window, select the appropriate wireless security that your router is using.  If you do not have wireless security enabled, select Disabled and click Next.


Step 8:
Based on the security mode, enter your security key and click Next.

NOTE:  If you chose to disable your adapter’s wireless security, skip this step.
Step 9:
When the Confirm New Settings window appears, click Save.

NOTE:  Images may differ depending on the model number of the adapter.

Step 10:
Click Connect to Network.


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