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Encountering difficulties in detecting the WET54G Wireless-G Ethernet bridge

There are cases when the Setup Wizard is unable to detect the wireless Ethernet Bridge.  To resolve this, take note of the following workarounds:

  • Make sure that any firewall software in your computer is disabled.  Click on the links below for instructions on how to disable the firewall:

Windows 8
Windows 7
Windows Vista
Windows XP
Mac OS®

  • Check the physical connections of the device to the computer or router.  The Ethernet cables should be inserted properly into their respective ports.  The LEDs of the bridge also indicate if there is proper physical connection between the devices.  To know more about the parts of the WET54G Wireless Ethernet Bridge, click here.
  • Access the wireless bridge’s web-based setup page.  For instructions on how to do this, click here.  If you are able to open the setup page, you may configure the wireless bridge from there without even using the Setup CD / Setup Wizard.  To configure the wireless bridge using the web-based setup page, click here.

NOTE:  If the bridge is still not detected after performing the troubleshooting steps mentioned above, then try updating the firmware of the device.  Firmware downloads are available at the Linksys Support Site.  For instructions on downloading the firmware, click here.  To upgrade your bridge’s firmware, click here for instructions.

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