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Encountering Difficulties Making a Call to a Regular Phone Number Using the Cordless Internet Telephony Kit

If you’re having problems calling an ordinary phone number, this may be due to using an incomplete number syntax, a SKYPE account that has too little credit, and a handset that has lost its link with the base station. To resolve this, follow the instructions below.

Step 1:
If 00, + or 011 is omitted, enter “00”, “+” (press and hold 0) or “011” before the number you are dialing.

Step 2:
If your SKYPE account has very little credits, purchase more.

Step 3:
Make sure the handset has a link with its base station. Pressing the PAGE button on the base station should enable the handset should ring and indicate that it’s linked with the base station.

NOTE: If you move too far away from the base station while on call, an alarm tone will emit from the handset and the Base/Handset Link icon will flash upon its display screen. This means your call will be disconnected if you do not move back within the base station’s range. If you have difficulties to find the CIT200 buttons or wants to know about your CIT200, click here to read an article about CIT200. To troubleshoot problems with clarity and volume, click here.

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