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Resolving LED issues on a Linksys wireless adapter

When the network adapter is properly connected to the computer, the LEDs indicate the status of the connection.  If the LEDs on your Linksys wireless adapter are not lit, this could mean that the device is not detected by the computer or there are some problems with it.

To resolve this issue, follow the guidelines below:

  • Make sure the wireless adapter is properly connected to the port or slot
Double-check if the wireless adapter is properly inserted into the PCMCIA slot, PCI slot or USB port on your computer. 
  • Use another slot
If the LED on the wireless adapter is not lit, try using another slot available on the computer.
  • Use another computer
You may also connect the wireless adapter to a different computer to further isolate the problem.  If the adapter is detected by the other computer, it is possible that the USB port on the first computer is not working properly.
  • Update the adapter’s driver
If the problem still persists, try to update the driver of your adapter using the updated version from the Linksys Support Site.  For instructions on how to download the driver, click here.  To learn how to update the adapter’s driver, click here.

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