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Changing Function of the OK Button

"OK Button Set Up" changes the way the OK button behaves when you select the highlighted track, artist, genre, playlist and etc.

This article will guide user on how to change the function of the OK Button.

Press Left icon or Right icon to scroll through the main menu carousel.
Press Down icon or Up icon to scroll through sub-menu options.
Press OK to select a menu option or press Back to return.


NOTE: For DMC350, touch-screen function is available. So please use the touch-screen function to navigate functions on the device.


Step 1:
Press any of the soft keys to displays the on-screen key labels.

Step 2:
Click OK to view the Settings.


Step 3:
On the Settings screen, click General Settings.


Step 4:
Click OK button Set Up to change the OK button function.


Step 5:
Choose action for the OK button to either Play or Add to Now Playing Queue.



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