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Linksys SMB SFP Modules, Frequently Asked Questions

1.  What are the LACGSX, LACGLX, LACXGSR, and LACXGLR?
The LACGSX, LACGLX, LACXGSR, and LACXGLR are Small Form-factor Pluggables (SFP) transceiver modules.
2.  Where can I find the warranty information of the SMB SFP Modules?
To view the warranty information of your Linksys SMB SFP Modules, click here.
3.  What type of optical fiber cable should I use with these cables?

You should use an optical fiber cable with LC connector.  Visit the Belkin website to buy the suitable cable for your SFP modules.

4.  Can I pair different types of SFP transceivers?
No.  You should use the same type of SFP transceiver at both ends.
5.  Which ports on the switch should I connect the Linksys SMB SFP Modules?

The Linksys SMB SFP Modules LACGSX, LACGLX, LACXGSR, and LACXGLR, should be connected to specific ports on your network switch.
  • Use only on ports labeled as SFP ports on the LGS552 or LGS528 switches. 
NOTE:  They will not work if inserted into the XG1 or XG2 ports on the LGS552 switch.
  • Connect the LACXGSR/LACXGLR into the XG1 or XG2 ports only on the LGS552 and LGS552P switch. 
QUICKTIP:  The LGS528 and LG528P do not have XG ports.

6.  How do I install this product with my network switch?

Follow the installation procedure on Quick Start Guide.  If you experience any issues in installing the Linksys SMB SFP Modules, contact Linksys technical support.

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