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Enabling the Safari® browser’s Develop menu using a Mac® computer

The Safari® browser’s Develop menu provides tools which can be useful for a number of browser-based activities. 
NOTE:  This option is NOT enabled by default.  Only the latest Safari browser has this option.  To keep your Safari browser updated, use the Mac App Store to install the updates. 
Follow the steps below to learn how to enable the Safari browser’s Develop menu:

Step 1:
Click Go on the menu bar, then select Computer.
User-added image
Step 2:
Click Applications.
User-added image
NOTE:  Alternatively, you can also click the User-added image icon to find the Applications folder.
Step 3:
Open Safari.
User-added image
Step 4:
Click Safari on the menu bar then select the Preferences… option.
User-added image
Step 5:
On the window that opens, click the User-added image icon.
Step 6:
Check the Show Develop menu in menu bar option located at the bottom.
User-added image

The Develop tab should now appear on the Safari menu bar.


User-added image

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