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Norton 360™ Version 2.5 Firewall Configuration

This article will guide you on how to configure the firewall in Norton 360™ version 2.5.

Step 1:
Open Norton 360.

Step 2:
Click on My Network at the bottom of the splash screen.

Step 3:
Click OK on the about the Map pop-up.

Step 4:
Click Edit, next to Network Details.

Step 5:
Click Edit, next to the Trust Level.

Step 6:
Select Full Trust, then click OK.

Step 7:
Click on Settings at the top of the splash screen.

Step 8:
Click on Firewall Protection.

Step 9:
Select the Program Rules tab.

Step 10:
In Program Rules there should be three programs listed for Network Magic:

• nmapp.exe
• nmctxth.exe

NOTE: If you do not find these files, you will need to click the Add button on this screen. Find the file name at C:\Program files\Common files\Pure Networks Shared\Platform\ and click Open. Repeat until all three files are in the list.

Step 11:
Change the access for these files to Allow by dropping down the arrow next to this setting.

Step 12.
Click on Network Locations tab.

Step 13.
Select the network in the list and click Trust.

Step 14:
Select Allow all network activity on this network.

Step 15:
Click OK, then click the Close button on the Firewall Settings window.

Step 16:
Close Norton 360.

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