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Accessing the Linksys Wireless Manager

The Linksys Wireless Manager is used to configure the Linksys wireless adapter.  It lets you search for available wireless networks, establish or terminate a connection with a wireless network, and save a wireless network’s settings.

The Linksys Wireless Manager is installed when you run the Setup CD of the adapter on a Windows XP computer.  For Windows 7 and Vista, this program is not installed.

After you have installed the adapter, the Linksys Wireless Manager icon  should appear at the system tray of your computer.  In case it does not, try restarting your computer.

NOTE:  If you're still unable to see the Wireless Manager icon after restarting, right-click on the taskbar and select Properties.  Then, click on Customize.  Find the Linksys Wireless Manager icon and set to "Always Show".

If the Adapter is connected to a wireless network, the icon will have green bars Image.  The exact number of green bars may vary depending on the network’s signal strength.  If the Adapter is not connected to a wireless network, the icon will have gray bars with a red X Image

To access the Linksys Wireless Manager, follow the steps below:

Step 1:
To open the Wireless Manager, click the Image icon, and then click View Wireless Networks....

Step 2:
To close the Wireless Manager, click the Image icon then select Close


NOTE:  If you want to use Windows XP Wireless Zero Configuration to control the adapter, instead of using the Linksys Wireless Manager, then click the Wireless Manager icon, and select Close from the pop-up menu.  To learn how to connect to a wireless network using Windows wireless utilities, click here.

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