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Quick Ways to get to Device Manager and Control Panel in Windows 7

The Device Manager on a Windows operating system is accessed to check the status of your hardware and update device drivers on your computer.  The Device Manager is mainly used for changing the way your hardware is configured.

There are several ways to access this tool from your Windows 7 operating system:

  i.   Search Option
 ii.   Computer Management Option
iii.   System Properties Option
iv.   Control Panel Option

For instructions on how to get to the Device Manager on a Windows 8 computer, click here.

Search Option

Search is a fast way to find any programs from the system.  You just need to type the name of the program and the list of programs will be displayed.

Step 1:
Click the Pearl  button and in the Search field, type “Device Manager”.

Step 2:
Click on Device Manager.


Computer Management Option

Computer Management screen will be used to administer networks, computers, services and other system components.

Step 1:
Click the Pearl  button and right-click on Computer and click Manage.


Step 2:
The Computer Management window will appear.  Click Device Manager.

System Properties

The System Properties screen will give a summary of necessary information about your computer.  In this screen you will be able to view the basic hardware information.

Step 1:
Click the Pearl  button, right-click on Computer and click Properties.


Step 2:
The System Properties dialog box will appear.  Click Device Manager.

NOTE:  The Device Manager will appear on the screen.

Control Panel

The Control Panel screen will help you to configure system-level features and customize the functionality of your computer.

Step 1:
Click the Pearl  button and click Control Panel.


Step 2:
Once the Control Panel screen appears, click Hardware and Sound.

Step 3:
The Hardware and Sound window will appear on the screen.  Click Device Manager under Devices and Printers option.

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