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Upgrading the firmware of the LNR0208C 2-Bay Network Video Recorder

Upgrading the firmware of your LNR0208C 2-Bay Network Video Recorder is needed to improve the current performance of your device and fix the issues that the previous firmware version may have.  Follow the steps below on how to upgrade the firmware of the LNR0208C.
Step 1:
Download and save the latest firmware file from the Linksys Support Site to your computer.  You can save it to your preferred destination folder (i.e. desktop, My Documents).  If you need more help in downloading the firmware, click here.
Step 2:
Open a web browser and log in to your network video recorder’s web-based setup page.
Step 3:
Go to the Configuration page, select the System drop down list, and then select System Upgrade.
Step 4:
On the System Upgrade page, click Browse and find the firmware you just downloaded then start the firmware upgrade.
NOTE:  Do not interrupt the firmware upgrade process to avoid damaging your device.  Once the firmware upgrade finishes, the NVR will reboot itself.
Step 5:
After the NVR reboots, go to the Device Information page from the System drop-down list and double check the NVR’s current firmware version.

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