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Unable to log on to the WRE54G’s web-based setup page

Encountering problems when logging in to your range expander web-based setup page can be due to the following reasons:

•    Connection to the device is not established
•    Incorrect IP address

To resolve this, perform the following:

Check the physical connections
Check the LEDs on the network adapter
Assign the computer a static IP address
Check the computer’s connectivity to the device
Reset the device to factory default

Check the physical connections

Make sure that your computer is connected to the range expander’s Ethernet port.  To know if the device is properly connected, check the LEDs on the network adapter.

NOTE:  This method is applicable to WRE54G v2 and v3 only.

Check the LEDs on the network adapter

Make sure that the LED light of the computer’s network adapter is lit or blinking. 

NOTE:  If the network adapter’s LED is not lit, try using a different cable to further isolate the problem.

Assign the computer a static IP address

For instructions on how to assign a static IP address on your wired computer, click here.  After assigning a static IP address, check the computer’s connectivity to the range expander.

NOTE:  Make sure that the IP address range of your computer is within the range of the range expander’s IP address.  For example, your range expander’s IP range is: 192.168.1."x" and your computer’s IP address must be within 192.168.1."x" range.

Check the computer’s connectivity to the device

A ping test can trace the communication between the computer and the range expander.  To ping the range expander, you will need to obtain the IP address of the range expander.  The default IP address of the range expander is  To learn about ping test, click here.

NOTE:  If you’re still experiencing difficulty accessing the web-based setup page, reset the range expander.

Reset the device to factory default

Press the Reset button of the range expander for 10 seconds.  Doing this will restore the device to its factory settings.  You would need to reconfigure the range expander after resetting.

After resetting the range expander to factory default and you’re still unable to access the web-based setup page, make sure that your computer’s proxy settings are disabled.  Click on the links below to know how to disable proxy settings on different browsers:

Internet Explorer
Mozilla Firefox
Mac OSx

NOTE:  If all the steps above failed, try to disable any security software on your computer before accessing the range expander’s web-based setup page.  Click here to learn how to disable your computer’s firewall.

Getting to know Range Expander and Range Extenders

Linksys Range Extenders and Expanders are available for you to widen the range of your home network.  These devices will enable you to connect computers, smart phones or tablets and other wireless home appliances to the network or the Internet.

The Linksys Range Expanders and Range Extenders both expand or extend the transmission rate of a router or access point to cover the hard-to-reach areas of your house but reduces the signal rate by half.  The difference between an Expander and an Extender is the technology behind it.  The former is a device that is compatible with wireless-G 54 Mbps (approx.) speeds, while the latter is a wireless-N compatible device of that can service routers that run for up to 270 Mbps.

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