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Setting-Up 128-Bit WEP Wireless Security on a Wireless-B Game Adapter

The Wired Equivalent Privacy (WEP) is a 64-bit key with 10 hexadecimal digits or a 128-bit WEP key with 26 hexadecimal digits. This encryption will prevent other users from connecting to a wireless network using your own WEP key. It will also protect your wireless transmissions/communications from being accessed or received by other users.

To setup WEP wireless security on your Wireless-B Game Adapter, follow the steps below.

Setting-Up the Wireless-B Game Adapter

Step 1:
Connect the game adapter to your router using an Ethernet cable. For instructions, click  here.

Step 2:
Insert the Setup CD to your CD-ROM drive and run the Setup Wizard. A screen similar to Step 2 should appear.

Step 3:
Click Setup to begin the set up process.


Step 4:
The Setup Wizard will then search for the game adapter. If it cannot detect the presence of the game adapter, check the connections then click Continue.

Step 5:
When the next screen shows the current settings of the game adapter, click Next to continue.

Step 6:
When the game adapter is located, enter “admin” on the Password field and click Enter.

Step 7:
Make sure Obtain IP Address automatically is selected, then click Next.

Step 8:
Look for WEP and select 128 bit.

Step 9:
Enter a unique word under Passphrase or manually enter a WEP key and leave the Passphrase option blank. In this example “MySecretKey” is used as the Passphrase. You may click No to finish the configuration or Yes if you want to configure another profile.

NOTE: In this example, No was selected.

Step 10:
Click Exit to exit the Setup Wizard.


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