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Resetting the Wireless-B Game Adapter to Factory Default

The Wireless-B Game Adapter can be set to factory default by pressing the Reset button below the channel selector.  Pressing the Reset button for 30 seconds will reset the game adapter to its factory default settings.  Any settings on the game adapter will be erased and its IP address will become “” and the password will be “admin” after resetting.

NOTE:  Take note of the current settings of the device before resetting.

After finished press the Reset button for 30 seconds, you have to reset all the setting inside the web-based setup page.  Wireless B Game Adapter via its web-based setup page, follow the steps below:

Resetting the Wireless B Game Adapter Using the Web-Based Setup Page

Step 1:
Connect the Wireless Game Adapter to your router using an Ethernet cable.  For instructions, click here.

Step 2:
Access the Wireless B Game Adapter's web-based setup page using the default IP address, "" and the default is password "admin".

Step 3:
When the Game Adapter's web-based setup page appears, click Advanced.


 Step 4:
Look for Restore Factory Defaults at the bottom and select Yes.

Step 5:
Click Apply.

NOTE:  To set-up your Wireless-B game adapter with a router, click here.


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