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Connecting your WMA11B to your TV and Stereo

To connect your WMA11B to your TV and Stereo:


Power off the Adapter, and move it near your TV set.

   • If you are using a wireless network, make sure the Adapter’s antenna is attached and pointing straight up in the air.
   • If you are using a wired network, make sure that the Ethernet cable is connected and secure.

Connecting the Video:
   • If your TV has an S-Video input:
     Connect the S-Video cable to the WMA11B’s S-Video port and then into the TV’s S-Video input port.
   • If your TV DOES NOT have an S-video input:
     Connect the yellow Composite video cable to the WMA11B’s Video port and then into your TV’s yellow Video input port.

Connecting the Audio:
Connect the white and red RCA audio cables from the WMA11B’s Left and Right ports into a set of your stereo’s Left and Right RCA Audio input jacks.

NOTE: You can use the color-coded connectors (white and red for Audio, yellow for Video) to match the connections to your TV.

Setting the mode:
• On the television (using the remote control or buttons on the TV), select the video input that matches the name of the connection you plugged the WMA11B video into (e.g. Video 1, Video 2, Aux, S-Video, etc).
• On the stereo, select the audio input that matches the name of connection you plugged the WMA11B audio into (e.g. Aux 1, Aux 2, Video, etc).

Power on the WMA11B using the Power button on the front panel.  The Main Menu of the Media Navigator should appear on your TV.

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