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Encountering IRQ Conflicts with the LNE100TX on Windows

Interrupt Request (IRQ) refers to special numbered channels” that are used by devices to get the processors attention. IRQ conflicts can occur when new hardware is installed or reconfigured.

To resolve IRQ conflicts, you need to perform two steps:

i. Checking for IRQ Conflict
ii.Resolving the IRQ Conflict

Checking for IRQ Conflict

Step 1:
Click Start > All Programs.

Step 2:
Click AccessoriesSystem ToolsSystem Information.

Step 3:
Click Hardware Resources.

Step 4:
Click IRQs and look for Linksys LNE100TX Fast Ethernet Adapter.


Step 5:
Once you find the adapter check if the number that is assigned to it is the same as anything else on the list (Except for IRQ holder for PCI Steering).

NOTE:  If your Ethernet card is sharing an IRQ with another device you’re having an IRQ Conflict. To resolve IRQ conflict, follow the instructions below.

Resolving the IRQ Conflict

Step 1:
Try different PCI slots to allow the BIOS to assign the Ethernet adapter a different IRQ.

Step 2:
Disable the Component Object Model (COM) or parallel ports in the BIOS to free up their IRQ’s

NOTE: Changes to the BIOS can cause major problems with your computer. If you’re unsure on how to do this, please contact the manufacturer of the computer for further assistance.

Step 3:
You may be able to assign IRQ’s by PCI slot in the BIOS, please contact your computer manufacturer for more information.


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