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Compatibility List of High Gain Antennas with Linksys Routers

There are several ways you can increase the range of your Wireless Network.  One of them is by attaching a High Gain Antenna to your Linksys Router, Access Point, Bridge or Adapter.  This article will show you the list of routers that are compatible with the Linksys High Gain Antennas.

Here are a few advantages of using High Gain Antennas:

• Increased strength for outgoing signals
• Receive sensitivity of incoming signals
• Improved close-range communication reliability
• Reduced retransmissions due to weak signal reception errors

Antenna Model
HGA7TWireless RouterWRT54GS 
WRT54GUp to version 6  only
Wireless Access PointWAP54G 
Antenna StandAS2TNC 
HGA7SWireless RouterWRV54G 
Wireless Adapter
Wireless Bridge
Antenna StandAS1SMA 

 NOTE:  Though the antennas of E2100L and WRT160NL are detachable, they are not compatible to work with HGA7T and HGA7S.

IMPORTANT:  The routers not listed above may or may not work with the Linksys High Gain Antennas.  These routers have not been tested with these devices.

To learn more about these antennas, visit the Linksys Support Site.

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