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Getting to know the Linksys Powerline AV2 Utility

The Linksys Powerline 1-Port Gigabit Ethernet Adapter, PLEK500 is a Plug-and-Play device used to extend your network using the existing Powerlines in your home. The PLEK500 is managed via the Linksys Powerline AV2 Utility, same as the previous Linksys Powerline adapters.

This article will give you information about the Linksys Powerline AV2 Utility and its functionalities.

Network Status tab

1. Devices List - Detects the Powerline devices.  This section displays PLE Device Name, Model, MAC address, Transmit/Receive speed, and whether the PLE is being detected as a Local Device or a remote PLE (xxxx_xxxx_xxxx_xxxx).

To rename the PLE’s Device Name (ex. Living room, Master Bedroom, etc.), click .

NOTE:  When prompted for a password for the remote PLE, enter the password seen on the label at the back of the unit.

2. Detail Information - Displays the current PLE you have selected in the Device List window.

3. Firmware Version - Displays the status of the current PLE you have selected in the Device List window.

 Security tab

1. Current Network Key:

  • HomePlugAV is the default Network key.
  • User defined is displayed when the default key has been changed.  The actual key will not be displayed for security purposes.

2. To change the Network Key, mark the checkboxes for the PLE devices, then enter a new key and click .

NOTE:  In order to change the Network Key, there must be at least two (2) or more PLE devices that are connected or detected by the Utility.

3. To restore the Network key to its default settings, check the PLE boxes one at a time then click on Restore Default Key.

Administrator tab

1. Change the Language - Click to change the language of the Utility.

2. Restart - Restart a PLE.  You MUST select the PLE device from the Network Status tab first before clicking Restart on this tab.

3. Restore - Restore the device to its factory settings.

Double-check MAC addresses if more than one (1) PLE appears on the Network Status tab.  To restore a PLE device, click on the device then click Restore.

IMPORTANT:  If you restore the local device, the other remote PLE devices will no longer be visible.  Therefore, be sure to restore the remote devices first before restoring the local device.

4. Upgrade - You can upgrade the firmware of a PLE.  When you connect the PLE directly to the computer, it should be read as a Local Device.  This is the preferred and supported method.

NOTE:  If you see more than one (1) device as a Local Device, double-check if your computer has it’s Wi-Fi adapter connected to the same network.  Make sure to select the correct PLE by it’s MAC address or turn off the Wi-Fi adapter during the firmware upgrade and refresh the tab to only show one (1) PLE as the Local Device.

5. Software Version - Displays the Powerline Utility version.


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