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Setting up the LNR0208C 2-Bay Network Video Recorder

The steps provided below will help you with setting up the LNR0208C 2-Bay Network Video Recorder.

i.   Hardware Installation
ii.  Device Setup Guide
iii. Quick Configuration Wizard Setup

Hardware Installation
Step 1:
Pull out the disk tray from the network video recorder (NVR).
Step 2:
Install the hard disk and secure it with screws.  Ensure that the disk holes match the holes at the base of the disk tray.

Repeat this process for the second tray and disk.
IMPORTANT:  Use only the provided screws to avoid damaging the trays.
Step 3:
Return the disk trays to the NVR and push it all the way in.
Step 4:
Connect the NVR to your network with the included Ethernet cable.  Attach one end of the Ethernet cable to the Ethernet port on the NVR and the other end to an Ethernet port on your router or switch.
Step 5:
Connect the power cord to the power connector and plug it into a power source.
IMPORTANT:  If you disconnect the power source from your NVR while it is in use, you might lose data.  To safely disconnect, first press and hold the Power button for five (5) seconds to power OFF.
Step 6:
Press and hold the Power button for five (5) seconds to power ON.

QUICK TIP:  Hold the Power button until you hear the fan turn ON.
Device Setup Guide
Step 1:
Make sure that the device is powered ON before you continue the setup.  If the Power LED light is OFF, check that the AC power adapter is properly connected on both ends.
Step 2:
Open a web browser on a computer connected to your network.  Enter the IP address of your NVR.  By factory default, the IP address of the NVR will be assigned by a DHCP server (usually the network router).  However, if there is no DHCP server, the device’s default IP address is for web configuration.
Step 3:
Enter the NVR’s default user name “admin” and password “admin” when prompted.
Step 4:
Click Login.  The browser-based Quick Configuration Wizard will launch.
Step 5:
Follow the Quick Configuration Wizard to finish the setup of your network video recorder.

Step 1:
Access the web user interface of the LNR0208C by entering the device’s IP address on a web browser.
NOTE:  The default IP address of the LNR0208C is if it is not connected to a DHCP server.  Otherwise, use the IP address assigned by the DHCP server.
Step 2:
Enter the device’s username and password then click Log in.

NOTE:  The default username and password of the LNR0208C is admin.

Step 3:
Click the  icon.
Step 4:
Click Start.
Step 5:
Configure the Network Settings of the LNR0208C.  Select either Obtain an IP address automatically if the device is connected to a DHCP server (router) or Specify an IP address to set a static IP address.  Click Next to proceed.

NOTE:  In this example, Specify an IP address was selected so you have to manually enter the network details.

Step 6:
Configure the Device Settings.  Fill in the fields with your preferred settings.  Click Next to proceed.
Step 7:
Apply the Date & Time settings you wish to configure.  Click Next.
Step 8:
Apply the Time Zone you wish to configure.  Click Next.

Step 9:
On the next screen, you will have an option to set up your hard drives.  You can create a RAID Disk now or configure the RAID after the Quick Setup.  You are not required to do so at this time.  Click Next to proceed.  For detailed instruction on how to create a RAID Disk, click here.
Step 10:
Add a camera(s) by clicking on UPnP Search.  When you add a camera, make sure to enter the camera’s username and password in the fields then click Apply.  After you are done adding the camera(s), click Next.
NOTE:  You may also skip this step.  Click Next and add the camera(s) after the Quick Setup.  For instructions on how to add a camera to the LNR0208C, click here.
Step 11:
Click Finish.

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