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Getting to Know the BEFSR11

This article will show you the features of your Etherfast Cable/DSL router (BEFSR11).

Router’s Front Panel

(Green) Lights up green when the router is powered ON.

(Green) Lights up continuously if the router is successfully connected to a device through the LAN port and flickers if it is actively sending/receiving data through the same port.

(Green) Remains lit if a LAN port connection is being successfully maintained and flickers if the connection is experiencing collisions.

NOTE: Infrequent collision is normal but if the flickering becomes too often, there may be a problem with your connection.

10/100 LED
(Orange) Lights up when a successful 100 Mbps connection is made through the corresponding port.

NOTE: If a connection is running at 10 Mbps, the 10/100 LED will not light up.

WAN Indicators

(Green) Lights up when a successful connection is made between the router and your broadband device or network.

(Green) Flickers when the router is sending or receiving data over the WAN port.

(Red) Lights up when the router goes through its self-diagnostic mode and turns off upon successful completion of the diagnosis.

Router’s Back Panel


WAN Port
(Wide Area Network) The Port where you connect your cable or DSL modem using an Ethernet cable.

NOTE: Your modem connection will not work from any other port.

LAN - (Local Area Network)
The port where you connect the router to a computer, hub, or switch. If you have more than one computer, connect an Ethernet hub or switch to the Router, and then connect your computers to that hub or switch.

The port where you will connect the power adapter.

The button to be pressed to reset the router if necessary.

Product Features

  • Connects to a Broadband modem and an Ethernet backbone
  • Use just one IP Address to access the Internet over your entire network
  • Creates a Firewall to protect your computers from outside intruders
  • Configurable through your networked computer's web browser
  • Supports IPSec pass-thru
  • Capable of remote administration via the Internet
  • Able to act as a DHCP server for your existing network
  • Compatible with virtually all standard Internet applications
  • Able to block specific Internal users' Internet access

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