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Connecting devices to the Linksys WAP1200AC AC1200 Wi-Fi Access Point using WPS

The Linksys WAP1200AC AC1200 Wi-Fi Access Point has a Wi-Fi Protected Setup™ (WPS) button that can be used to pair devices and to connect them to the network.  This article will show you the steps on how to use the Linksys WAP1200AC and your device’s WPS feature.
NOTE:  Make sure that your access point is already set up, whether in Range Extender mode or in Access Point mode.  For instructions on how to set up the Linksys WAP1200AC in Range Extender mode, click here.  To set up the device in Access Point mode, click here.
Step 1:
Press the WPS button on the device that you want to connect to the access point.
Step 2:
Press and hold the WPS User-added image button on the side panel of your Linksys WAP1200AC.  When the connection is complete, the Light Emitting Diode (LED) on the front will be solid green.  If the LED is blinking amber rapidly, this means that the connection has failed.  Retry Steps 1 and 2 to fix the concern.
You should have successfully connected your device to the Linksys WAPT1900AC using WPS now.


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