Determining if the hub or switch is working properly

This article will show you how to verify if your Linksys hub or switch is working properly.

Newer Models
Older Models

Newer Models

NOTE:  For this setup, we used the Linksys SE2800 switch as an example.

To verify that your switch is properly working, check the LED lights located at the back panel of the device.  They should be lit up to confirm that it is working.

By performing a loopback test, you can also confirm that the switch is working.  Before performing a loopback test, make sure that the device is powered ON.

To do this:

Step 1:
Connect the first end of the Ethernet cable to any of the device’s numbered ports.

Step 2:
Connect the other end of the Ethernet cable to another numbered port.

NOTE:  Ensure that the LED button is turned ON.

Your setup should now look like this:

The LED lights of the ports where the Ethernet cable is connected to should automatically light up after performing the steps mentioned above.  When the LED lights lit up, the loopback test is successful.  This is an indication that the switch is fully functional.

NOTE:  Forthe SE1500 switch, the LED lights are located at the front of the router.  To learn more about the SE1500 switch, click here.

If it still does not light up, try to powercycle the device.  To do this:

Step 1:
Unplug the power adapter from the device.


Step 2:
Leave the device unplugged for at least one minute then power ON the device again.  The LED lights should be lit up after the powercycle.

Older Models

To determine if the hub/switch is working properly, check the following LEDs on the front panel:

• Power
• Link/Act
• 100
• Full/Col

NOTE:  The front panel of a hub/switch may differ depending on the model number.



NOTE:  If the Power LED is not lit, try connecting the hub/switch’spower adapter to another power outlet.

If the Link/Act LED is not lit, try using another Ethernet cable to the hub/switch or connect the Ethernet cable to another port.


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